Think Takes a Virtual Happy Hour to the Next Level

Thinkers of Think Helping Hero's

The recent pandemic has impacted us all directly, or indirectly through new social distancing guidelines to help curb the transmission of the virus to the most vulnerable in our communities. As we social distance, the once populated hot spots for happy hours and team outings are vacant, and virtual meetings have started to merge into our personal space as a substitute.

Think is no stranger to virtual work and interaction, in fact, 90% of its workforce works remotely either at client sites or at home, it’s been that way from the start.

Tony Gruebl, Founder and President of Think Systems, Inc., said, “Technology provides the ability to connect with anyone anywhere, and while incredibly efficient, we recognize virtual interaction is not a substitution for personal interaction. We are human at the end of the day and crave personal connection.” he went on to say, “Because of this, Think sets aside time each quarter to host a team-building event to give employees a chance to connect on a more personal level. Culture is the core of our business, and our people are the core of our culture.”

When the pandemic hit, this didn’t stop Think from providing that time to connect. In fact, the employees of think turned the quarterly event into Thinkers of Think #HelpingHeros fundraiser to raise funds for Baltimore based Charities Supporting COVID-19 response efforts.

The team created an internal fundraising page using GiveButter, asking fellow colleagues if they had what it takes to outdraw and outguess their coworkers. Everyone was invited to a virtual Zoom event, but those who donated earned a spot to compete in a Drawful2 bracket for the chance to choose the charity the raised funds would support.

The day of the event, one by one, the Think team dinged into the Zoom meeting eager to watch their colleagues battle it out to win the coveted champion title. Drawful2 from Jackbox games challenges players to draw ridiculous prompts on their smartphones and tablets that are later shown for contestants to guess what the drawing depicts to earn points. It even allows for audience participation, so you don’t have to draw to play. After six rounds, the winner was revealed, Erica McQuiston, Senior Project Manager for Think, crowned the #HelpingHeros Champion.

The $1,341.00 raised was donated to Movable Feast. The mission of Moveable Feast is to foster a community that cares for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses by preparing and delivering nutritious meals and groceries. This charity is needed now more than ever because a simple trip to the grocery store could be life-threatening for the population they serve.

We are grateful to be able to take a simple evening of fun and turn it into something way more meaningful. It is in the hardest of times that brings out the best in humanity, and the Thinkers of Think are pretty awesome humans!