Hire High-Performing
Fractional Executives.
When You Need Them.

Many small to mid-market companies can’t support a full-time executive in the C-Suite or seek to find a more cost effective solution. Adding a fractional CIO, CTO, CISO, COO, or CFO offers strategy and planning for a specific function of your company when and however long you need it.

What is Fractional Executive Leadership?

Fractional Executives are seasoned professionals that include but are not limited to titles such as CIO, CTO, CSO, COO, CFO, COO, and CEO. These are executive-level professionals with extensive experience in a business environment offering management services on a for-hire contract or part-time basis, essentially for a “fraction” of the time. This model eliminates the costs associated with long-term commitments, high-end salaries, and all the employee benefits that come with a permanent hire for the benefactor.

This model has many benefits, including faster results, a fresh perspective, and real tangible returns. Fractional Executive Leadership is perfect for scaling start-ups and equally helpful for small to mid-sized businesses looking to establish or reestablish a role or department.

Think’s Fractional Executive Leaders

Our experienced big-company executives strategize for growth and manage the company’s efforts to reach those goals through strategic alignment of internal staff.  Think’s fractional executives are also equipped to coach and mentor junior leaders to prepare them for future leadership roles within the organization.

If your company is looking to establish or reestablish a department or function, see if a fractional executive can be the catalyst you need to help jump-start growth.


I would recommend Think highly for any project requiring a senior level project manager who is capable of working at a C-Level and also able to perform all the blocking and tackling required to pull of highly complex projects with success. The fact that Think has been working with Vangent-HCM repeatedly over the years is a testament to their professionalism and ability to execute.

Colin Cohen