Project Management Support

When You Need It Most

Warning Signs of Troubled Project Management

If you face the following project management issues…

– Integration Management
– Scope Management
– Time Management
– Cost Management
– Quality Management
– Human Resources Management
– Risk Management
– Communications Management
– Procurement Management

…then it’s time to Think differently!

Project Management and Program Management

Projects don’t always go as you initially planned. It can be frustrating and costly when projects get behind schedule, run over budget, or struggle to be implemented. We’re here to ensure that your project has the highest chance of seeing success. We are here to support your project management needs. We think of project management and program management as a working relationship rather than a transaction of getting something done. Your successes are our successes.

Our Strategic and Tactical project managers work as a pair with you and apply our Rapid Control Process. This five step process allows us to instantly immerse ourselves into the project details and quickly take control. The Kickoff Readiness Review meeting with the customer or sponsor will demonstrate just how we take control, mitigate risk and successfully drive the project through the process. These steps are listed below:

1. Discovery and Immersion
2. Planning
3. Validation and Risk Mitigation
4. Kickoff (Kickoff Readiness Review)
5. Active Management and Control

Each step has a specific purpose and is designed to facilitate a path to completion. Additionally, each step has deliverables that are key for gaining control. At Think, we believe in helping you through the entire journey. As such, we will stay with you through the entire project management process.

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