Napoleon is back in fashion, but what lessons are on offer for modern leadership?

Napoleon is back in fashion, but what lessons are on offer for modern leadership?

Napoleon returns to conversation, and to movie theaters near you. Ryan Harris, Think’s VP of Client Success looks at some do’s and don’ts of Napoleon’s leadership philosophy.


So, you’ve got dreams of conquering the business world like Napoleon did in his heyday? Well buckle up, because we’re diving into five ways to channel your inner Napoleon for leadership success and, of course, five rookie mistakes to dodge like cannonballs.

Five Ways to Lead Like Napoleon

1. Be the Visionary General
Just like Napoleon had a master plan for his military conquests, you need to have a crystal-clear vision for your business. Lay out your goals, rally the troops, and charge forward with purpose.

2. Swift Decision-Making
Napoleon didn’t waste time contemplating every move—he made decisions on the fly. Be decisive, trust your instincts, and keep your organization nimble in the face of change.

3. Flexibility is Your Best Friend
Napoleon’s secret weapon? Flexibility. Adapt like a chameleon to changing landscapes, whether it’s on the battlefield or in the boardroom. It’s a game-changer.

4. Empower Your Troops
Napoleon knew the importance of a strong, empowered team. Give your crew the tools and freedom they need to shine, and watch your organization conquer new territories.

5. Lead from the Front
You won’t find Napoleon lounging in the back; he led from the front lines. Be hands-on, dive into the trenches with your team, and show them that you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.


Five Mistakes to Dodge Like Cannonballs

1. It’s Not All About You
Napoleon’s ego ultimately brought him down. Don’t let personal glory blind you. Focus on the success of your team and organization, not just your own triumphs.

2. Listen Up, Captain
Napoleon had a habit of thinking he knew best, ignoring the advice of his  . Don’t be that leader. Listen to your team; they might just have the winning strategy.

3. Plan for the Long Haul
Napoleon got caught up in short-term victories and forgot about the long game. Balance immediate wins with a strategic vision that’ll keep your organization thriving in the long run.

4. Don’t Ignore Public Opinion
Napoleon brushed off public opinion, and it cost him dearly. Stay connected with your audience, listen to their feedback, and adjust your strategies accordingly.

5. Allies Matter
Napoleon’s lack of allies was a recipe for disaster. Build strong alliances, network, and make friends in high places. You never know when you’ll need backup.


So there you have it—your crash course in leading like Napoleon. Steal his visionary tactics, avoid the pitfalls, and who knows? You might just conquer your industry like a modern-day conqueror.

Onward, to victory.


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