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Operational Excellence is a venture curation best practice at any life cycle stage. If you are an investor or operator, think experts stand ready to amplify your opportunities!

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With intense competition and record amounts of capital, private equity firms need a partner they can trust to reduce risk, provide insights, and support positive outcomes.  Think’s investment services team works alongside you to help you rise to the challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

We start at square one. We question, examine existing assumptions, roll up our sleeves, get into the details, and talk (a lot) about teams, methods, metrics, alignment, and technology.

We’re focused on effectively linking strategy to execution.  By thinking broadly about your goals, strategy, and culture, and overlaying that with a detailed view of your current state, we help you build and execute a plan to optimize outcomes and transform your business.

We understand that time is money. Our experience allows us to perform key assessments quickly to help avoid costly oversights while minimizing risks.

Think Venture Services | Innovation | Ecosystem Capabilities

The Think Venture Services | Innovation | Ecosystems teams work alongside investors and operators to amplify opportunities using operational excellence, metrics and milestones as True North vectors.

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Think offers Technical, Operational, Financial and Legal Due Diligence. Know the benefits, liabilities, risks, and opportunities gaining the insight to drive confidence to fulfil the value proposition.

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Let our team of experts help you navigate the complex process of combining and rearranging your business to capture long-term value. We can help you with…

– Management of Transition Services Agreements
– Establish and Lead the Integration Management Office
– Develop Appropriate Governance Model
– Operating Model Tuning, Org Design, Process Re-engineering
– Synergies Identification/Validation

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Challenge assumptions and strategize to improve profitability and long-term value. Think’s Executive Advisors will help you with…

– Strategic Planning / North Star Development
– Executive Team Alignment
– Objectives and Key Results Advisement and Implementation
– Technology Visioning
– Strategic Hiring

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Long-term value can and should take into account the interests of all stakeholders. Business begins with value creation – the sole purpose is to create and deliver value to maximize returns. Think’s Advisors will help you maximize your return through…

– Brand Identity and Messaging Strategy
– Sales and Marketing Acceleration
– Operating Model Optimization
– Organizational Alignment and Design
– Digital Transformation