Enterprise PMO Buildout


Organizations are presented with daily opportunities and challenges; without a plan, vast amounts of time, energy and money are wasted. Disconnects between daily work and strategic plans lead to failure.

The PMO serves as a pivotal link between executive vision and the performance of the enterprise. Think builds a PMO to match your culture and specific needs, aligning current and future projects with your organizations strategy to accelerate the business and create value.

You may need an Enterprise PMO if these challenges sound familiar.

  • Juggling a multitude of projects with limited oversight.
  • Facing financial or legal risks.
  • Limited visibility into projects and resources.
  • Resource capability planning issues.
  • No consistent methodology for project delivery.
  • Lack of project/program ownership or accountability.
  • Projects come in late, over budget, and fail to meet the objectives more often than not.

Ready to build a great project organization? Think is here to support you on that journey.

We know how important is for you to succeed.

Align to strategic objectives and show value at every phase of the project lifecycle.

Project Rescue

If you need help and need it fast, we are ready to jump in and help. We can execute all or parts of the Rapid Control Process using our resources or utilizing existing resources on your team. We provide flexibility knowing that no two organizations or projects operate the same.

Strategic Hiring

It takes a blend of consulting and team acquisition that staffing firms just don’t have to identify candidates with the necessary experience, knowledge, and culture-fit. Leverage our decades of experience in operations to help shape your strategic roles.

Change Management

Increase your project success rate corelating strategy, operational maturity, and culture in to a path forward to your future success. Once a path is selected we will lay out the plan to get you there.