Project Rescue

Save Your Boat From Sinking

Projects Need Rescuing

When your project is beginning to fail and the boat is sinking, it can feel like success is no longer an option. In fact, 75% of projects end up failing.

Projects can fail for many reasons, including but not limited to:

– Unclear vision, scope, and/or requirements
– Lack of necessary skills to carry out the project
– Lack of leadership and ownership
– Poor communication
– Lack of resources necessary to complete the project
– Unattainable goals and expectations
– Poor scheduling
– Lack of data to carry the project forward

Don’t be a part of the 75% of projects that fail. Utilize our project rescue services and join the 25% of success stories.

Project Rescue Services

We take complete control and management of the project to help minimize the overall impact to your budget, identify the pressing issues and bottlenecks, and establish a new plan of action.

Our project rescue solution is designed to recover the lost time and get your project completed in the fastest and most efficient way. We do this with constant communication, which we believe is the key to delivering on-time, on budget, and the highest quality of work. We do this through:

1. Discovery and Immersion
2. Planning
3. Validation and Risk Mitigation
4. Kickoff (Kickoff Readiness Review)
5. Active Management and Control

If you need help and need it fast, we are ready to jump in and help with our project rescue framework! We engage and move very fast while allowing you to have “throttle control” throughout the process. We can execute all or parts of the Rapid Control Process using our resources or utilizing existing resources on your team. We provide flexibility knowing that no two organizations or projects operate the same. We build project rescue solutions to meet your organization wherever it’s currently at.

Client Testimonials

“Immediately, Think took ownership of the project as if we had hired a new COO just for this deliverable! What impressed me the most about this team was that they were more concerned about making the best decisions for our project rather than maximizing their own revenue. They talked honestly with us about risks, proposed decisive actions to move the project forward, and executed exactly as they said they would. With their help, we are proud of the product we delivered and our business customers are finally getting the valuable data that they need, presented in a meaningful way.”

Matt Belardi

Director of Business Information systems,
Education Affiliates, INc.

“Think managed multiple projects for me at Vangent-HCM, including initiatives for key clients including AT&T, Bank of America, Guy Carpenter, and Verizon Wireless. I would recommend Think highly for any project requiring a senior level project manager who is capable of working at a C-Level and also able to perform all of the blocking and tackling required to pull off highly complex projects with success. The fact that Think has been working with Vangent-HCM repeatedly over the years is a testament to their professionalism and ability to execute.”

Colin Cohen

Former Account Director,
Vangent, Inc.