Getting to know: Kelsey Champion

Kelsey Champion. Think's Recruiting and Delivery Manager

Think’s Recruiting and Delivery Manager Kelsey Champion, has worked in recruitment and staffing for almost 15 years. She joined Think in 2022, working across multiple industries for a wide range of clients. In this piece, Kelsey explains her role and considers the impact of AI for recruiting. 

Think: Could you describe a typical day?

KC: Everyone says there’s no such thing as a typical week but when your resource is people, I think it’s really the case. On any day me and my team will be working across a range of industries, government and private, from health and hospitals, through manufacturing operations, right into IT technical support and solutions architecture for software companies. The pace of our clients becomes our pace. We work closely together, with a common goal in mind – finding the right people at the right time for their next great role.

Think: You mention the breadth of your team’s work – is this the same for you?

Yes. I work across the same industries and step in when the team needs extra support. I get involved on the most challenging roles – I’ve found candidates for some really niche roles that required a well-defined skillset plus very particular experience.

Think: What motivates you when you are searching for candidates?

For high level roles, it’s the satisfaction of solving a very, very complicated puzzle – there’s a huge sense of accomplishment in finding the right person. I am looking for a unicorn, and it’s very motivating to deliver that for a client, especially when it seemed impossible at the start. Delivering on the impossible motivates me more.

Think: What do you like and dislike about your role?

I really enjoy working with people. I feel I know my candidates after speaking with them multiple times. I understand their motivations. I know their personal situations, and I’m really rooting for them. My favorite call is when I tell a candidate they have an offer.

The flipside is when someone I have been supporting doesn’t get through. Those are hard calls. I always try to get specific feedback as that really helps direct the conversations. I have to keep moving forward – I’m always thinking what kind of good can we create next?

Think: Tell us about an interesting role you worked?

It’s hard to pick just one, they all become favorites! A challenging one was for the role of Organizational Change Management Practice Leader for a major technology operator. The client was hiring someone who would act as liaison between the client organization and a major vendor – it was challenging because I had to understand everything about both the client and their vendor. I was searching candidates with the technical skills, experience AND soft skills that would fit both organizations. Finding candidates with the technical skills can be straightforward – at these senior levels, the soft skills become critical for a successful placement.

Think: Let’s pivot to AI for a moment. Where do you see the impacts?

There’s no doubt about it, AI is saving time and effort on some aspects of recruitment. It’s a great way to craft the earliest draft of a job description for example. But we’re always going to need humans working with humans in recruiting. When it comes to assessing soft skills, the personal connection is essential, and I don’t see how AI can take over there. There’s definitely developments on the horizon though, and integrating AI into aspects of what we do will improve efficiency. I’m supportive of any developments that give me more time to spend working directly with candidates.

Think: What are you most proud of in your career?

Going back to school and completing my MBA when I was working full-time was huge. Throughout my career, I’ve got to know so many industries, in both big and small companies, government and private. I’ve managed small teams in start-ups and managed big teams through even bigger changes. It’s given me terrific experience for handling almost any situation. I’ve met some incredible people and made huge impacts on their lives with successful placements that I’m very proud of.

Think: And lastly, what do you enjoy about your current role with Think?

I love our team – the Human Capital Management team – how we treat each other, how we get along, the communication that we have. There are so many great minds in this organization and there’s just so much opportunity for innovation. Those aspects attracted me in the first place and still keep every day interesting and engaging.

If you, or someone you know, is seeking interim or contract work, do reach out to learn about the opportunities available, by emailing or connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn.