Nurturing trust can be harder when your career is at an earlier stage. It’s still all important.

Two brains looking at each other

For anyone who has recently embarked on a career in consulting and project management, establishing trust can be slightly harder than it is for those who’ve been in the industry for decades. This week, Think’s Kessy Ayisire looks at some practical ways to build trust with your clients when you’re starting out. 

Trust is the secret sauce that makes partnerships last. It’s the key to creating relationships that stand the test of time. Business relationships, like any other kind of relationship, can’t exist without trust. When you find yourself needing to build trust quickly, either in a new role or with a new client, it’s best to keep everything simple, direct and rooted in realism.  

  • Keep the Chat Flowing:

Communication is like the heartbeat of trust. Whether it’s a quick update or a deep dive into project details, keeping clients in the loop builds a transparent vibe. Regular check-ins and open lines of communication say, “Hey, we’re in this together.” 

  • Keep It Real with Expectations:

No one likes surprises, especially the unwelcome kind. Be straight-up about what can realistically happen and when. Setting achievable expectations from the get-go avoids letdowns and builds a solid foundation of trust.

  • Consistency is Cool:

Consistency is like the superhero cape of trust-building. When you consistently deliver top-notch products or services, you’re not just reliable; you’re someone clients can count on. It’s like telling them, “We got this every time.” 

  • Show Off What You Know:

Clients respond to partners who know their stuff. Share your expertise, drop some industry wisdom, and offer solutions that make their eyes light up. When they see you’re not just a vendor but a pro in your field, trust builds up like magic. 

  • Be Quick on the Draw:

Responsiveness is the trust accelerator. When clients know you’re just a message away, especially during crunch time, it’s like having a superhero hotline. Quick responses build confidence and show you’ve got their back.  

  • Oops, Own Up! It Happens:

No one’s perfect, and clients know that. When things go sideways, admit it. Owning up to mistakes, fixing them, and learning from them is like a trust-recovery potion. It shows you’re human and committed to getting better.  

  • Make It Personal:

Clients aren’t just names on a contract. Take the time to know them beyond business. Remember their preferences, celebrate milestones, and show you care. A personalized touch turns a transaction into a connection.  

  • Guard Those Secrets:

Confidentiality is trust’s VIP section. Clients need to feel their sensitive info is Fort Knox safe with you. Implementing top-notch data protection and assuring them their secrets are safe builds trust like nothing else.  

  • Ask for Feedback and Actually Listen:

Feedback is like a roadmap to trust heaven. Ask for it, really listen, and take action. When clients see you value their opinions and act on them, it’s like a trust-boosting high-five. 

  • Surprise and Delight:

Exceeding expectations is the trust trump card. Go the extra mile, toss in a little extra, and surprise clients in the best way possible. It’s like saying, “You thought that was cool? Check this out!” Clients love pleasant surprises, and it builds trust effortlessly. 


      Building trust is an ongoing conversation, not a one-time pitch. By being clear, consistent, and genuine in your interactions, you’re not just winning clients; you’re building relationships that last. Trust isn’t just good for business; it’s the secret sauce that makes your clients not just clients but fans and advocates. And in a world where trust is gold, that’s a win-win for everyone.