Contributor vs. Effective

Contributor vs. Effective Video

Contributor vs. Effective Yes, there is a difference! At Think Systems, Inc, we hire competent contributors and train them to be effective. Tony Gruebl – Strategic PM Fixer explains.


You know everyone knows what it takes to be a good contributor to an organization. The thing is that most people don’t quite understand what it takes to be effective. Many job descriptions don’t tell you what effective means in a particular role they just tell you how to be competent. At Think we tend to hire consultants that are highly competent and that we know they’re highly competent we feel assured of that but then we go about teaching them what it takes to be effective. For our clients or executive clients what effectiveness really means is understanding how to stay in alignment with them, how to take work burden off of them, how to help them achieve a high level of in their roles. These are the things that make them truly effective and they transcend the job description. We talk a lot about this in Think and we’ll talk a lot about this in our new book which is due out in 2019. Hope you’ll read it.