Think the Productivity Boom Passed you By? Think Again.

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The productivity boom is happening now. When teams are properly set-up it means added capacity, which can catapult your bottom line. In the past few months, we have seen a massive shift in the way work is performed, and our network leaders are reporting record highs in efficiency and output. A recent study conducted by Gallup shows a historic high with 38% of employees actively engaged in their work product, this is the highest level of engagement since Gallup began tracking the metric in 2000. This is real, and you too can take advantage of highly productive teams.

Organizations benefiting from this unexpected outcome of the recent disruption have a few things in common. Employees are clear about their role and have a common mission or purpose, essentially they are strategically aligned with the overall objectives of the business. This time of uncertainty can be used to reconstruct your strategy, create alignment, and a business culture that thrives in face of adversity.

Think’s Executive Advisors operate in a collaborative working environment with business leadership. It is truly impressive how they have successfully harnessed the energy of this boom to maintain connectivity and communication, while leading teams virtually in an often deadline driven environment without missing a beat. The increased attention, availability, and motivation of stakeholders has increased tenfold, making it possible to move initiatives forward with greater speed and agility. Being clear with priorities, communicating expectations, and using technology to leverage the right channels for seamless interactions has been an integral part of our teams success. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

As businesses burst into recovery some are experiencing significant gains, but many are still struggling. As a technology and operations advisory firm, Think’s Operations Consultants can help you pivot to take advantage of the productivity boom, making your teams stronger than ever. Our teams are accustomed to running critical multi-workstream programs remotely, with process, focus, drive, and intentionality. If you are struggling or need an extra boost, Think can help.

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