PM Trends to Watch in 2018

PM Trends to Watch in 2018 Video

Do you agree with these “5 project management trends to watch in 2018”, recently reported by TechRepublic? We do! They sound a lot like Think’s #BKPM philosophy.


Hi everybody, I just read a great article in the Teach Republic from earlier this year, The Five Top Project Management Trends  to watch for in 2018. Trend number one migration to EMPO models. So we’ve been talking about this for a long time now at Think that there needs to be more strategic alignment and in every project that we do and now the EMPO is starting to recognize that and become more of a strategic liniment vehicle for companies. Trend number two more startups are starting to adopt project management and project management tools as part of their business. This is a great new trend it indicates that project management as a profession is growing. Even the smaller companies are beginning to adopt more discipline in project management. Trend number three the use of analytics. So now that we’re becoming more sophisticated with technology and tools, analytic tools are beginning a filter into the project management suite of things that we take advantage of in managing our projects. Trend number four more millennial are doing more remote work. This is a great trend what this means is that as projects managers we can mostly work from anywhere. Other than having to coax and control people on site or face to face a lot of what we can do now can be done remotely. Trend number five project management recruiters are now recruiting folks with a higher of emotional intelligence. BKPM is all about emotional intelligence and the person. The interpersonal skills that take place in project management which is able to drive projects forward. Five great trends as noted by the Tech Republic which really reinforced what we’re doing as a business and which we’ll talk more about in our upcoming book later this year.