Perception Isn’t Always Reality: Benefits of a Technology Assessment

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We’ve been asked countless times, “How do I know if I need a technology assessment?” Chances are if you are asking this question, you are probably in need. It’s incredibly challenging to see the big picture when you are knee-deep in the technology infrastructure’s day-to-day management. Perception is skewed when operating within a break-or-fix mentality. To remedy the situation, you must focus on transforming your IT operations. It is also imperative to take a step back to gain a different perspective. Commissioning, a neutral, independent Information Technology Assessment, is one way to get there.

Information technology assessments determine the strengths and weaknesses of the technology organization and its ability to meet the needs of the company and its business units. This process is a complete review of the existing IT infrastructure, security, management, and IT performance. Gain a clear perspective of your current information technology activity profile that can be used to prepare key recommendations for improvement and influence strategic business decisions.

One of the critical steps in this process that is often missed is understanding business leaders’ attitudes towards information technology and its performance. Conducting executive and key client interviews can establish a baseline on the perception of IT performance and reveal any misalignment to overarching business goals. Prioritizing the assessment findings based on business impact, cost, and timing creates a roadmap to improvement separating “quick wins” from tasks that require business process change.

For years Think’s Executive Advisory team has helped middle-market businesses and non-profit organizations adapt to new technologies, implement IT strategic plans that enable progress, generate value, and support growth. As trusted business advisors with IT expertise, we partner with your C-suite and professional teams to span the gap between senior leadership and technical resources. Whether advising as operations strategists, conducting IT assessments, or offering Interim CIO services, we view ourselves as an extension of your organization.

We have performed numerous technology assessments in the last decade. We are standing by for you when you are ready to transform your business. Ready now? Give us a call to start the conversation 443-303-5418.

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