Sales Commission Reporting

SQL Database Build To Support proCube reporting solution


German-based Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturer


Microsoft SQL Server, Satori Group’s ProCube

What we provided:

The client spends considerable time each month calculating commissions for their sales teams in preparation for loading that data for payroll processing. The current system uses a combination of data which is located in multiple systems and various different databases. This process is labor intensive with a risk of inaccuracy due to the complex commission rules that need to be applied. Think developed a plan to implement a more robust, automated solution that would use straight through processing to calculate monthly sales commission.

The results:

Think designed and developed a new process to build and refine a replacement commission calculating process for the client. The new process automatically pulls the necessary day into MS SQL Server and uses SSIS to extract, transform, and load the foundational data to a centralized and newly architected data warehouse. The entire process is largely automated.

ProCube, an in-memory OLAP Business Intelligence Analytic platform, is used as the analytical and data structuring tool to automatically and dynamically generate and calculate commissions from the base data and serve that data to the users for further manipulation and refinement from within Excel or by producing static reports. Direct integration with the client’s payroll vendor is an added benefit.

Think was able to provide the client with an improved short term solution to reduce the manpower needed to calculate and payout monthly commissions while developing the longer term proCube solution. The end state is a streamlined process that is driven by an SAP report that with the ease of organized data can associate the sales associates hierarchies with applicable commission splits and percentages by sales order. The commissions process has benefited from an increase in data accuracy and a reduction in quality checking output.