Overhaul of Project Management Processes and Modeling Tool Development

Develop, Train and Implement Content for Associate Growth and Development & Publisher Payout Modeling Tool Development


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What we provided:

The client needed to better define the process of how they approach project management. Their entire team was relatively new to project management and needed training and mentoring to provide them the necessary skills to effectively manage the day to day operations of the business. In addition to the PM side, the client also needed assistance in developing a more sophisticated financial model to project royalty payments.

The results:

Project Management Training – Think developed custom project management curriculum and a plan to conduct training and mentoring sessions. The trainees benefited from using the new transferrable skills on the job for active initiatives. Quick adoption led to an increased awareness of how to manage a project and improved communication of project status and operational tasks. Management quickly realized the benefits and took steps to develop and implement key performance indicators to measure the associate’s success with consistent use of the new skills. It also provided insight for the President to assess associates and evaluate staffing gaps for future business initiatives.

Modeling Tool Development – Think identified and managed a resource that was deployed to enhance an existing modeling tool in Excel. Within a very short turn around time, a new modeling tool was in place that allowed key business decisions to be made. Management adopted the new financial modeling tool and easily determined by using the data that process changes were needed to the publisher payout model. The tool served a valuable purpose and helped to guide a new model to pay royalties to publishers