What works and what doesn’t in Agile projects?

What works and what doesn’t in Agile projects? Video

Here are a few suggestions from Think Systems VP and SPC4 Certified Agile Coach, Jeff Welch – Unshackling Project Mgmt Effectiveness. Do you have anything to add to Jeff’s list from personal experience? https://lnkd.in/e2fBeG8


Hey everybody, Jeff Welch again. I said I would come back with a few things that I’ve recognized in agile coaching that work and things that absolutely do not work. Recently I’ve been working with some agile teams I’ve been providing coaching. It seems as though their scrum masters or whoever is really in charge of running their daily stand ups must have been a former project manager. What they’ve done is they’ve taken the meetings and turned them into status meetings which is absolutely not the purpose of a daily stand up in a scrum, so don’t do that. The other thing that you really don’t want to do is don’t develop your big waterfall project plan. Those plans that start and really need to articulate some predictive nature of a project is not what you want to do in an agile project. If you start to do that kind of work or of you start to build those kinds of plans everybody will recognize you for a waterfall person and you’ll get really thrown out of an agile project.