Interview with Tony Gruebl, President of Think & Joe Poling, Director of Client Solutions

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By Edwin Warfield

With a single brutal stroke, the global pandemic has declared winners and losers in the business world.

Restaurants, airlines, fitness centers, oil producers and retail operations were immediately crippled by the fallout from Covid-19.

Baltimore-based  Think, however, has been among the winners. Revenue at the privately-owned technology and operations advisory firm is up 50 percent this year alone after growing 70 percent in 2019.


“It has just been amazing,” said  Tony Gruebl, Think’s founder and president.

The firm isn’t letting challenges in the broader economy stand in its way of ambitions to expand nationally. In September, Think purchased Ventrue LLC, a Naples, Fla.-based shared services company for an undisclosed price. As part of the transaction Think signed a partnership agreement with Naples Technology Ventures (NTV), a venture capital fund that invests in technology companies. Think will provide technology and advisory services to support NTV’s acquisitions.

The Ventrue and NTV deal opens new markets for Think, primarily with private equity and venture capital firms across the country.

“This transaction is a major step,” Gruebl said. “It provides Think with unmatched expertise, connections and credibility that will enable us to build relationships with private equity and venture capital firms and propel Think into 2021 and beyond.”

We spent a few minutes with Tony and his colleagues  Jeff Musgrove and Joe Poling discussing Think’s prospects and strategy for continued growth. Musgrove joined Think as part of the transaction and was named managing director of Think’s executive advisory, private equity, and venture capital services. Poling, who has been with the company for more than a year, was promoted to director of client solutions.

Interview questions:

Q1: Why start Think?

Q2: What were you doing at the time?

Q3: What was the catalyst of becoming an entrepreneur?

Q4: What was the focus of your new company?

Q5: How did it grow?

Q6: How does that translate to where you are today?

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