Being Influential as a Leader with Beth Perlman

Beth Perlman is the Managing Director and Chief Information Officer Advisor at Think, a national technology and operations management consulting practice. As an experienced executive, Beth has an in-depth background in management combined with operational and administrative expertise. She is the former VP and Program Director at Gartner, where she worked with Fortune 100 C-level executives. She graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and Finance.

Beth joins Mark J Silverman to discuss the role of leaders as influencers. She describes her background and recounts how working under a poor leader inspired her to become a great leader. She explores the value of adapting your language according to the team you’re managing and explains how she evolved her language through trial and error and working with her peers. Beth also highlights why it’s okay to lose, underscores the value of forming coalitions in an organization, and offers advice on leading a team through a crisis.

“As a leader, your job is about influence more than anything else. And once you build credibility, it’s easier to convince people.” – Beth Perlman


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