Ryan Harris

Sr. Vice President Strategic Growth and Partnerships, Sr. Management Consultant
Ryan Harris Vice President Headshot

Ryan Harris is a man on a mission. Meeting all he encounters with an intense intrigue in the exchange of ideas, and a collaborative core philosophy designed to reveal previously untapped abilities – Ryan’s point of view is not one of simple, bullet-pointed problem-solving. Rather, by way of an amiable approachability, he implores his colleagues, his team, and his clients to set their sights anew with an eye on perpetual possibility. Known for being a continual source of constructive support – rooted in conscientious character and a knowable trust – his revolutionizing energy is infectious. With genuine, disarming ease, connected care and attentive interest – he imparts insight that is creatively contemplated, personalized, and designed for big picture impact. Informed by an acute awareness of core factors contributing to individual drive and motivation, his conscious leadership style provides a profound clarity to inform and influence the future.

A balanced free-thinker with a mindset that is equally focused and open, he is compelled by an experienced ideal. Ceaseless curiosity has taken him around the globe to arrive, time and again, at an inspiring realization he’s come to humbly embody: that our greatest triumphs reside on the other side of fear. Coming eye-to-eye with apex predators on shark-chasing expeditions, pushing his limits at max speed on motorcycles riding rough terrain off-road, or skydiving over active volcanoes – he’s not in it merely for the thrill of defying mortality. While the full skin-in-the-game risks may change with the nature of the game itself, one constant remains unwavering: this key player living as verification of the fact that human potential knows no bounds beyond the limitations of our own knowledge.

Guiding multiple companies and innovative undertakings from conception to success, this accomplished people-person is committed to promoting others to their full potential by facilitating an individual command of performance-driven aptitudes. As a founding member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, in addition to being a published expert in the publication, Ryan is a highly sought-after solutions provider across varied arenas in the constantly changing market. Knowing that putting people first supersedes stagnating by-the-book processes, his artful finesse in architecting environments conducive to progress takes into careful consideration the myriad of implications involved in translating leadership decisions into prosperity.

His performance record over more than 20 years demonstrates a fluid agility in adaptation, fueled by a willingness to take on any challenge as a chance to acquire advanced mastery. Having navigated smooth and skillful career shifts across various roles and sectors, his understanding of complex functionality has evolved into a comprehensive package of consultative capabilities applied via expert execution. In sales and account management, with a focus on staff augmentation, he’s honed an all-encompassing perspective in partnering with clients on analytical opportunity identification, supported by a thorough vetting process of all potential solutions. In running start ups, established software companies, and financial services institutions, he’s displayed an optimized exaction in talent acquisition that aligns talent with strategic organizational objectives along immediate and long term timelines.

Architecting effective infrastructures incorporating measurable metrics in operational oversight, he thrives in coaching clients on the interplay between multifaceted functional verticals and overall company performance. Identifying the tools, personnel, and corporate structuring required to realize a 5-year vision, he develops sustainable frameworks with flexibility; emphasizing the importance of functional scalability. Whether running global companies, spearheading start up initiatives, or acting in the interest of Human Resources management, he wields a decisive and trained intuition for directing insourcing and outsourcing processes to prioritize a balance between partnership growth and company building.

Delivering reliable results that maximize returns for the individual, the organization, and the bottom line, Ryan is the exemplification of Think’s emphasis on cultivating unparalleled talent; exhibited daily in enacting customized creative solutions supporting individual and team achievement.

His reticence to broadcast personal contributions to humanitarian efforts, including serving on the board of CASA – representing the interests of foster children in Baltimore, speaks volumes about his heart for serving others as a part of a larger collective human community. In a true partnership of equals, he and his wife, Molly (a nurse and frontline hero in her own right) put understanding, empathy, and selflessness first in times of trial and triumph – raising their children to actively adopt a positive, inquisitive, and enlightened worldview.

Wherever Ryan is in the world, he is on the move and making the most of it; honoring the hard-earned living wisdom that growing in knowledge is a product of daring beyond inhibition disguised as comfort. To venture beyond known territory in seeking solutions to elevate your experience and alight your horizons on a higher plane, reach out to Ryan and our team here at Think. Let us guide you in finding your way forward, and leaving your hesitations behind.