Josh Kaplan

Sr. Vice President Operations, Chief of Staff, Sr. Management Consultant
Josh Kaplan Vice President Headshot

Josh Kaplan is a trailblazer on a range of frontiers spanning a wildly inventive career. Known as an industry innovator, trusted expert in emerging technologies and market behavior, and senior executive multi-utility power player – his resumé reads in open defiance to singular definition. As a seasoned outdoorsman going off-grid, from the expanses of the Alaskan wilderness to the remote corners of the Pennsylvania mountains, he’s made a lifelong practice of finding possibility in the far-reaches. Across all known borders and barriers, mastery of transformation is a performance-proven aptitude.

Exemplifying that the path to success is never a straight line; he originated his own trail to top levels of achievement in a wide array of impassioned pursuits. Inclined toward intense curiosity and independent thinking; advanced strategic understanding emerged early through autodidactic practice. Business acumen accruing in tandem, professional pursuits were soon to follow with the focused goal of raising funds in support of a 12-year-old’s growing passion for video games and personal computer upgrades. Astutely answering to a gap in the market, the aim of this ambitious youthful endeavor was to creatively source cost-effective components from trade shows to build affordable computers by custom design. A loyal clientele acquired through dedication and fierce enthusiasm, grew steadily thereafter by way of reputation. Investing the profits from this venture into a makeshift self-education in gaming and computing, by age 18 he’d secured a full-time role as a computer tech at a Manhattan law firm. Today, Josh’s hybrid expertise is a relied upon industry influence, having garnered recurring feature in countless local and trade publications, as well as major media outlets including CNN, Fox, et al. internationally.

Driven by industrious imagination and cooperative, entrepreneurial ambition; his talent for team-building with a focus on performance optimization ensures organizational effectiveness. As a leader with a voracity for lifelong learning, Josh motivates with an open mindset; effectively, embodying the belief that our greatest successes are realized in helping others to reach their true potential. Incorporating this inclusive awareness in demonstrating the art of traversing change and challenge, he equips his team with the knowledge and support needed to perfect processes in IT, sales, recruiting, mentoring, designing and implementing improved PPT frameworks, and running global e-commerce and custom software solution companies.

With an intentional acuity across sectors and functions, and an eye for advancing opportunity, he consistently guides collaborators, colleagues, and companies – both globally established and in hypergrowth startup stages – to success beyond targeted expectations. Promoting possibilities with a skillset of dependable depth, and adaptable capabilities anchored in extensive hands-on knowledge, Josh is a veritable ambassador of Think’s philosophies in action.

Inspired by the extraordinary legacy established by his father, he is committed to the mission of bettering the lives of others through acts of service. Ted Kaplan, celebrated para-athlete and tireless advocate for those struggling with disability, earned a Gold medal in the 1985 Paralympic Games while battling the rare bone cancer that made him an amputee at age 14. His tremendous contributions and success in lobbying on behalf of those afflicted with disability are commemorated through a number of philanthropic awards given annually in his name. Josh proudly and humbly honors this heritage of inspiration by putting his passion and specialized talents to work volunteering for numerous charities. Providing the same personalized attention, consideration, and care as he does in taking the professional endeavors of others under advisement, he works to support deserving families as if they were his own. Painting homes with Habitat for Humanity, or interceding in the difficult space of major transition through Veterati, assisting Veterans in making their way from military service to civilian career success; Josh works diligently toward a future of shared hope.

Whether expanding business, developing bold ideas, seeking ongoing adventure, or bolstering humanitarian efforts, Josh always has his sights set on the next frontier. When not redefining industry evolution, developing cutting-edge technology, or setting new standards of efficiency in economic impact on a global scale, Josh can be found engaging enlightenment through experience with his own family.

Going in circles, trying to find a path forward? Reach out to Josh and our team of top advisors to learn more about how Think can map out your tactical trek toward tomorrow’s possibilities, today.

Industry Experience

  • IT Advisory
  • Tech
  • E-commerce


  • Operational Transformation
  • Global Management
  • Project Management
  • Technical Operations
  • Innovation Process
  • Senior Strategy Advisor
  • Process Engineering
  • Sales Operations
  • Logistics
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Training & Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Business Development