Tim Wilson

Vice President Corporate Finance & Administration
Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson is a strategic thinker with an innate ability to spot and seize profitable opportunities. His remarkable memory for data and deep understanding of market dynamics make him a visionary in developing actionable strategies that yield real results. Beyond crunching numbers, Tim is sought after for his innovative financial analytics and strategic guidance, consistently leading clients towards their financial objectives.

Tim enjoys distilling complex datasets into straightforward strategies, creating paths for impactful and enduring business evolution. His detail-oriented and disciplined approach ensures that every facet of a business’s lifecycle is considered for optimal development. With a versatile skill set that spans capital planning, private capital markets, asset valuation, financial planning and analysis, and investor relations, Tim’s acumen has been instrumental across various sectors, including broadcasting, real estate, tech, and venture capital.

Dedicated to lifelong learning and personal growth, Tim champions the continuous pursuit of knowledge and improvement. His interests range from space-tech to gaming, all while maintaining a grounded presence in his personal life, cherishing time with his wife and kids.

As a key player at Think, Tim’s commitment to transforming ideas into concrete achievements is pivotal, embodying the firm’s ethos where visionary thinking and proactive doing converge to exceed expectations.