Rick Thomas

Vice President Service Delivery, Sr. Management Consultant
Rick Thomas Vice President Operations

Rick Thomas doesn’t engage limits; he eliminates them. Underneath the surface of a deeply rooted humility, is a polished expert of extensive skill, and experienced talent. A United States Air Force Veteran of distinction, he graduated at the top of his training class, earning the designation of Dedicated Crew Chief. Acceptance of the high honor of being assigned to an F-15C Eagle fighter jet decorated with his name is the closest you’ll see him come to self-promotion. Prioritizing mentorship, focused on developing the strength of the individual and the team, he leads by example as a champion for accountability, and proactive responsibility.

He never lets the challenge come to him, and instead charges forward to meet it head on, with support and solutions. An attuned, insightful professional, he quickly rose in the ranks of industry through thoughtfully directed, intensive practice. With years of sweat equity invested in the family business, a startup turned worldwide success, his mastery of operational excellence was keenly cultivated.

At iCertainty, a global performance management solutions provider, Rick honed an invaluable perspective. The core belief being that perspective is everything – shaping understanding, attitude, and behavior. With the utmost care and attention placed upon team inclusion and growth, Rick drives progress through actionable empathy. With great change comes complex, intricate shifts; considerately attending to the arising needs of people is elevated as an essential measure of success. Intuitive acumen in tandem with execution along a perfected standard for operational excellence, Rick eradicates drag. Working within this model, competitive advantage on an individual and organizational basis is swiftly attained and seamlessly integrated in market performance. This is the effect of his dedication to carrying on a legacy of setting others up for achievement. A legacy wherein, a win for any individual player is a win for the team as a whole.

 Embodiment of traditional values is not, however, to be mistaken as an indicator of establishment-stifled thinking. With a penchant for creative problem solving, Rick is a proven innovator who delivers results. From developing product, regulating project management, building and leading executive training programs, mastering business analytics, solutioning and implementing new and improved business processes, to rescuing and leading the largest historic sports broadcast post-merger integration – Rick is changing the game at every level.

Dynamically expanding positive impact daily, he leads as he lives: graciously, with a mindset to inspire. Outside of the office, he finds inspiration in spending time with loved ones, indulging his passion for surfing, or working to earn his private pilot’s license. Reach out to Think to learn more about how Rick, and our trusted team of top talents, can revolutionize your business for a better tomorrow, today.

Functional Experience​:

  • Broadcast
  • Technology
  • SaaS
  • Aerospace
  • Retail
  • Workplace Safety and Health
  • Food Safety
  • Pet Health Insurance

Industry Expertise​:

  • Strategic Leadership & Oversight
  • Management 
  • Mentoring 
  • Team Building 
  • Project Management 
  • PMO Development & Management
  • Training & Development
  • System Integration
  • Product Management and Application Development