Joe Poling

President & CRO
Joe Poling, Director of Client Solutions

In Joe Poling’s 25-year career, he has started, built, sold, and transformed businesses. Everything he has done — leading his own companies, holding executive roles, and then transitioning into advising business leaders – has consistently validated his instinctive beliefs about transformation.

From his experience, Joe believes transformation isn’t a one-time activity incited by a catalyst. It is a continuous process of improvement that breeds innovation opportunities. Too often, transformation tackles symptoms that surface at the operational level. But symptoms only suggest what may be manifesting at the core. Without going deep and getting relentlessly honest, true transformation – and every business objective tied to it – remains out of reach.

That core belief system is foundational to his role at Think. Think is on the precipice of its own transformation as we uncover opportunities to help our clients transform. He is here to ask the hard questions and challenge the status quo. He is here to apply the strategic rigor that will structure but not quash the energy and possibility inherent in pioneering new growth opportunities. It’s about getting to the next level for Think and for our clients.

For Joe, everything starts with curiosity. He digs into the how and why of business problems. He is an unapologetic truth-teller. Even if those truths are perceived as uncomfortable, he upholds decisiveness as a core value because the pace of business doesn’t wait for anyone. He is all in – full of passion, still hungry, and motivated to share his vision of possibility and how to get there.

Industry Experience:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Broadcasting
  • Private Equity
  • Government


  • Operational Transformation
  • Portfolio/Program/Project Management
  • Technical Operations
  • Innovation Process
  • Senior Strategy Advisor
  • Customer Success Advocate
  • Operations P&L Management
  • Workflow Design and Implementation
  • Process Engineering
  • Operational Policies & Procedures Development
  • Sales Operations
  • Product Management
  • Logistics
  • Demand Management
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Training & Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Call Center Design/Management
  • Performance Management
  • Business Development
  • SDLC Management