OKRs – Objectives and Key Results Advisory and Implementation

OKRs are a collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. OKRs are how you track progress, create alignment, and encourage engagement around measurable goals. They are in practice at Google, Spotify, Uber, Twitter, Airbnb and more, even right here at Think.

Many Choices, We Can Help

If you’ve looked into implementing OKR’s, you’ve found no shortage of initial decisions to make. What tool do I use? How do I get started? Do I start by pushing objectives down? How do I implement OKRs deep into my organization? …all questions we hear often when helping a client with OKRs.

Turn your good ideas into great executable objectives that drive your high-performing teams to success.

Renewed Focus on Alignment and Execution

Everyone knows their business and operations environment is constantly changing. What worked well recently may not work so well now. Focus on the things you want to change, get everyone aligned and execute! This is what the OKR framework provides. The first roadblock we typically see is the realization that senior executives aren’t well aligned. They think they are, but since they each have their own areas of responsibility, they invariably have different priorities. Implementing OKRs is often derailed at this point and tossed aside, but that’s the whole reason for implementing OKRs in the first place… getting aligned. Think provides executive-level talent that facilitates alignment at the leadership levels through our Executive Advisory practice. After that, it’s all just a matter of implementing the framework.

Unsure Where to Start?

Download our Quick Start Guide to OKRs. This simple guide provides examples from Doerr’s book, Measure What Matters, and provides a little coaching to get you going. You can also use this guide to distribute within your team to help them think through OKRs at their own level.  Also make sure you read Think’s OKR-Key Findings and Quick Wins … learn from our experience!

Executive Advisory

Think’s Executive Advisory consists of top-notch executives. Helping our clients establish vision and goals across the C-suite, from operations to information security, is where they excel. Not everyone needs this level of advisory when implementing OKRs, but if you do, it’s imperative to address alignment at the highest levels of an organization. What sets Think apart is how we work with partners to define, align, and execute on the framework, empowering teams to attain the unattainable by taking ambitious goals and making them a reality.

Think’s Executive Advisors do much more than OKR strategic alignment. They help businesses set the right strategic direction, implementing system & process aligned with the business culture that drives accountability. Think also maintains an operational, on-the-ground focus so we are much more than just good ideas. We can be there, with you, to see that you succeed.  Learn more about our Executive Advisory practice.

OKR Implementation Consulting

One of the greatest success factors in implementing OKRs is in moving Objectives and Key Results to top-of-mind.  This takes structure, a good cadence, and a fast tempo.  Many companies are running flat-out already. Having someone take time to learn and manage an OKR implementation often results in improper or half-hearted OKR implementations and a failed launch can have long-lasting effects on an organization. Think provides coaching and consulting that can help your organization develop the muscle memory needed to make OKRs painless and sticky.  We can get you up and running fast and most clients are fully self-sufficient in just a few quarterly cycles. Contact us and let us answer any questions you have about OKRs. We love talking about this stuff!