Our Operations Support, Program and Project Management systems put you on the path to achievement.

Think brings a unique approach to project management with what we call Bare Knuckled Project Management. While we offer many of the same types of project management services as other firms, it is how we execute that sets us apart. The Bare Knuckled approach exudes control while remaining simple, direct and effective. Our team of strategic and tactical project managers provide options that suit your needs for a given situation. Whether you need assistance kicking off and planning a complex project, you require full project life cycle support, you have a project that is failing and needs to be rescued you’re your executives need mentoring, we have the ability to help and move fast.

What We Offer

Project Management Support

Our Strategic and Tactical project managers work as a pair and apply our Rapid Control Process.  This five step process allows us to instantly immerse into the project details and quickly take control. The Kickoff Readiness Review meeting with the customer or sponsor will demonstrate just how we take control, mitigate risk and successfully drive the project through the BKPM process.  These steps are listed below.

  1. Discovery and Immersion
  2. Planning
  3. Validation and Risk Mitigation
  4. Kickoff (Kickoff Readiness Review)
  5. Active Management and Control

Each step has a specific purpose and is designed to facilitate a path to completion. Additionally, each step has deliverables that are key for gaining control. To learn more about each step of the Rapid Control Process, download a copy of the BKPM Pocket Guide.

Project Rescue

Do you have a project that is facing adversity or is in jeopardy? A project that is under duress can have a domino effect on an organization’s goals and initiatives.  Think Systems can be your honest broker while providing transparency and a plan to “right the ship.”

If you need help and need it fast, we are ready to jump in and help! We engage and move very fast while allowing you to have “throttle control” throughout the process. We can execute all or parts of the Rapid Control Process using our resources or utilizing existing resources on your team. We provide flexibility knowing that no two organizations or projects operate the same.

Project Manager Mentoring

Think offers mentoring and coaching for your project managers to help improve their effectiveness and processes.  Whether your project managers need assistance on completing a project or you want coaching on the framework and process, we are here to help. We offer our Strategic Project Managers to work side-by-side with your team in all aspects of the project management process.

  • Project Discovery and Planning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Communications and Strategic Alignment
  • Incorporating Change Management
  • Project Framework and Process Implementation 

Project Coordinator Support

Project Coordinators aren’t always needed, but when they are it seems they are never around.  Project Managers often get inundated with the mundane and daily administrative tasks, preventing them from staying focused on the details to ensure the project stays on schedule and is successful.

Think offers project coordinators that are cost effective while bringing value to your team.  Our project coordinators will ramp up quickly and become an extension of your project management team, helping create an efficient process within.

Additional Areas of Support

Our senior leadership and strategic project managers have years of experience in areas that are often integrated within project management.  Each project is unique and can require a different set of tools and knowledge to navigate effectively.

Business process improvement is an example of an area that greatly benefits by applying a project management framework. While there is a heavy dependency on business analysts during the process improvement project, it takes a seasoned project manager with experience in these types of projects to implement the change.

These types of projects can often be more difficult due to the constant change or evolution as the organization learns what it really needs. Our team of business analysts and Strategic project managers can provide the framework, tempo and support that is required to effectively change your business processes.

Change management integration will help to increase your project success rate. While a technical project can be considered complete based on deliverables, it cannot truly be considered a success if it is not adopted by the business.

Implementing deliverables and milestones specific to change management ensures you have a plan in place to incorporate change management.  This will give your audience a sense of involvement and shows greater strategic alignment for those involved.  By utilizing our BKPM Nodes our Strategic project managers provide options for each approach with that help with key decision making. Ultimately you are in control and once you’ve chosen a path we will lay out the plan to get you there.