Process Engineering & Automation

Leading organizations realize the importance of process engineering & automations role in achieving operational efficiency and effectiveness. Process breakdowns are nothing but a headache for operations organizations. Removing repetitive, manual tasks through automation enables businesses to focus on strategic and value-add activities instead.

While many organizations are either currently performing or recently completed a process transformation or automation initiative (sometime in the recent past or present), you can bet the anticipated outcome has fallen short of the initial expectation. This happens for a number of reasons, but most commonly because the improvements took to long to see returns, and any returns realized remain hidden.

If your company is in a position to move forward with process engineering and automation and are experiencing any of the following difficulties getting started, partnering with an experienced firm can help accelerate the transformation and returns from the effort.

  • Defining and aligning process transformation roles and responsibilities across functional stakeholders.
  • Integrating various systems to enhance automation and efficiency.
  • Delivering consistent performance that can also handle exceptions.
  • Measuring performance before, during, and post process transformation

Our Approach

Think is a national business management firm that specializes in technology transformations and operations consulting. We provide on-the-ground transformation and consulting, led by executives, adapted for the mid-market. Using a rapid, data-driven approach to process transformation, we identify where breakdowns occur and swiftly craft a plan to address them.

We will support your organization in all facets of business process change offering:

  • Development of quantitative and qualitative process metrics
  • Root cause analysis
  • Model and simulate improved process designs
  • Building processes that reduce manual execution of routine tasks
  • Uncover ongoing improvement opportunities
  • Align operations with regulatory and compliance needs

Helping Our Clients

Think’s approach to helping our clients understand and track critical process flows is to model it in a single, built on industry standards tool, BusinessOptix. We have partnered with BusinessOptix, because we’ve found that their suite provides the much needed advantages of rapid modeling and simulation. All models and flows are contained with a unified environment, there is no need to map personnel, process, workforce management, or even internal and regulatory compliance activities in multiple tools. Our models are always integrated.